City of Sydney Housing

Diversity Study

The Study sought to understand the value of housing diversity to a global city and how cities that compete with Sydney for investment and talent, deliver diverse housing outcomes. The study was commissioned to understand:

  • Current issues relating to housing availability, affordability and diversity in the City of Sydney
  • Identify the Australian and international cities and urban renewal schemes that have successfully delivered a range of housing types, tenure and price points
  • Recommend initiatives that could be implemented to achieve best outcomes.


HillPDA found practical short to medium term initiatives that could generate scalable and sustainable housing supply as well as a variety of initiatives and outcomes.

The initiatives were designed to support housing delivery by market and non-market providers with the focus on new design and ownership models.

In addition, the study defined opportunity to better leverage government assets, revenue sources and tax incentives within a NSW governance, planning and finance framework.

We also tested the initiatives from a market point of view to better understand their financial viability and / or ability to better leverage government assets.

HillPDA investigated the housing diversity challenge and how it relates to the City of Sydney context and identified the initiatives to achieve pragmatic, temporally sustainable and financially sound outcomes.


  • Demographic Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Options Initiatives and Identification

Client: City of Sydney and UrbanGrowth NSW
Project date: 2015


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