WSU Milperra Campus

Community Needs Peer Review

HillPDA undertook a review of a Planning Proposal and an associated Social Impact and Community Needs Assessment, assessing possible impacts to the community and its local facilities. The Planning Proposal was seeking the rezoning of the Western Sydney University Campus site in Milperra to permit residential redevelopment.

HillPDA examined the work carried out by the original consultants in terms of the proposal’s implications for community needs. HillPDA sought to assist Canterbury Bankstown Council by providing insight into the Planning Proposal.

HillPDA generally supported the method and approach of the consultants, but arrived at several alternative conclusions through research processes.

Key elements of the study included:

  • Examining other consultants’ findings
  • Projecting community needs
  • Reviewing current supplies of open space and social infrastructure
  • Reviewing affordable housing policies
  • Considering potential cumulative impacts.

Project outcome:

As a result of HillPDA’s evaluation and research, clear findings and suggestions were made to Council. In particular, HillPDA identified new opportunities for open space and affordable housing, including through further rezonings. Future strategic actions for Council were identified. Otherwise, the proposal and its original consultants’ findings were overall supported


  • Peer review
  • Demographic analysis
  • Social infrastructure audit

Client: Canterbury Bankstown
Project date: 2021


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