Wilton Growth Area

Commercial Centres Study

HillPDA was engaged by Wollondilly Shire Council to prepare a Commercial Centres Study for the Wilton Growth Area. The objective of the Study was to better understand the demand, location, role and type of commercial centres required to support the future population of the Wilton Growth Area. A key outcome of this study was to provide Council with an understanding as to whether the existing centres are enough to service the Wilton community and the wider locality.

Key elements of the study included:

  • Understanding the strategic and statutory planning context of the Wilton Growth Area
  • Reviewing the current supply of retail space within the Wilton Growth Area
  • Forecasting the total demand for retail space in the Wilton Growth Area
  • Identifying the likely size and retail composition of Wilton Town Centre
  • Identifying the number, type, size, and retail composition for local centres
  • Considering the potential planning requirements and risks to create greater certainty around provision.

Project outcome:

The study concluded that the population could support the proposed centres identified in the Development Control Plan.  It also identified the size, composition and residential catchment of each local centre within the Wilton Growth Area.


  • Policy Review
  • Demand modelling
  • Planning policy
  • Strategic planning
  • Retail economics

Client: Wollondilly Shire Council
Project date: 2021


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