Western Sydney Light Rail

Feasibility Study

HillPDA was engaged by Parramatta City Council to prepare a Land Economics Study to inform the development opportunities and constraints along the chosen Stage 1 Western Sydney Light Rail (WSLR) route.

HillPDA’s role was to:

  • Examine the potential impacts of the proposed light rail on property values;
  • Identify economic drivers that would influence the impact of the WSLR on urban renewal; and
  • Undertake demographic analysis, market research along with financial modelling and feasibility analysis.

Based on the finding of the Land Economics Study, the WSLR Feasibility Study was able to prioritise alternate routes within the proposed network against a series of desired outcomes with respect to residential growth, employment opportunities, transport accessibility, environmental impacts and lifestyle choice. The NSW Government has set aside $400 million in the 2014-15 Budget to accelerate work on a Western Sydney light rail system.

Western Sydney is one of Australia’s largest and most diverse economies and is home to nearly two million people, a population larger than that of South Australia, Tasmania, ACT or the Northern Territory.

Summary of services: Demographic and economic trends analysis, Market Appraisal, Financial Modelling, Development Feasibility Analysis.

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