West Schofields

Demographic & Social Infrastructure

HillPDA were commissioned to undertake a demographic and social infrastructure assessment to identify existing and emerging community needs for the future West Schofield Precinct, which is located within the North West Growth Centre.

This report informed the precinct planning process underway for the West Schofields Precinct. The Department was in the process of analysing the development potential of each precinct within the Growth Centres. It was a process that determined the future zoning, development controls and infrastructure required to support the future population growth.

The HillPDA report was intended to provide an evidence base to inform the precinct planning process. More specifically, the assessment sought to:

  •  Quantify the level of existing and future demand for a range of potential community facilities that could be provided within the Precinct
  • Indicate the adequacy of existing facilities into the future, based on Blacktown Council’s benchmark and industry benchmark provisions.

Only social infrastructure that could reasonably be provided on site was audited and assessed.


HillPDA worked closely with the local council and the State Government to understand the future population expectations and the provision of services that would be required.

HillPDA identified early in the process that there was a deficit in infrastructure delivery as the right provision was not being adequately provided with sites land banked early enough in the process.

HillPDA recommended that specific sites be allocated to cater for the future population growth and delivery of housing both in the precinct and wider growth area.

The project provided a pathways for the provision of social infrastructure to align with housing delivery.


  • Needs assessment
  • Social infrastructure audit
  • Engagement
  • Policy review
  • Population forecasting
  • Land use strategy
  • Infrastructure delivery plan

Client: Department of Planning and Environment
Project date: 2016


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