Warragamba Dam Wall Raising

Business Impact Survey Report

HillPDA was commissioned to undertake a business impact survey and subsequent report outlining businesses perceptions of a proposal to raise the height of the Warragamba Dam. The survey was designed to understand the perception of potential impacts to businesses in relation to:

  • Construction of the project (specific to Warragamba, Silverdale and Wallacia communities)
  • The operation of the proposal on upstream and downstream communities. Businesses were also asked general questions regarding business operations, and where relevant in downstream communities, questions regarding previous experiences of flooding. This was to help gauge the sensitivity of businesses to potential effects.

HillPDA drew on its experience in undertaking business engagement to develop an engagement methodology that effectively captured views from a diverse range of businesses in the targeted areas. Questions were developed in close association with the client and other teams on the project as part of a free flowing dialogue with partners on the project.

The business engagement was undertaken in collaboration with the lead consultant (SMEC) and the client WaterNSW.


The final report provided insight into the issues and concerns of business owners and managers, with a succinct and visual representation of business views and issues raised throughout the consultation process.


  • Business engagement
  • Demographic and business data collation
  • State infrastructure

Client: WaterNSW
Project date: August 2017 – February 2019


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