Sydney Central District

Housing Portfolio Strategy

The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) emerged from a period of realignment in response to the changing social housing needs of the Aboriginal community in NSW. The realignment triggered the need to deliver 1,000 housing and housing related assistance opportunities as part of their strategic plan.

The purpose of the Study was to evaluate the existing portfolio of assets in the Sydney Central District to identify immediate development opportunities, assets that could be swapped with LAHC to maximise the opportunity on a site and identify the assets that would require redevelopment or sale in the longer term, due to age and likely maintenance issues. Possible strategic locations for acquisition were also identified where there were strategic plans being drafted at the time.


HillPDA undertook a detailed review of each property. The assessment was undertaken in three stages including:

1. Portfolio Overview this included:

  • Determining the distribution of the properties across the district
  • Identifying the district growth opportunities and priority areas
  • Identifying the predominant land zones and value of assets
  • Determining the configuration of assets including the housing typology, whether they are located in estates and the bedroom mix

2. Site Selection this included:

  • Reviewing the portfolio database and determining the extent of information available
  • Filtering the database to determine the potential residential properties that may provide some development opportunity
  • Running through a series of criteria to identify specific sites that have development potential
  • Determining appropriate actions for remaining sites

3. Affordable housing and alternative land use considerations

HillPDA undertook a high level research into the outcomes of the Commonwealth budget and State Affordable Housing Package.


  • Market research & appraisal
  • Demographic analysis
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Market demand and supply analysis
  • Housing affordability modelling

Client: Aboriginal Housing Office
Project date: 2017


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