Employment Land Strategy

HillPDA was commissioned by Strathfield Council to undertake a review of industrial and higher order business zoned land within the Strathfield Local Government Area. The purpose of the strategy was to inform the Local Strategic Planning Statement and Local Environmental Plan review by understanding the role, function, supply and demand of employment land in the LGA. The Strategy considered employment in the context of the Eastern City District Plan and provided actions for supporting sustainable job growth.

To support the strategic planning process, HillPDA undertook a demographic, employment and business profile for the LGA, reviewing the existing employment lands and the capacity to which they could accommodate additional growth as well as future demand for floorspace.


HillPDA developed a comprehensive assessment of employment lands across Strathfield with a robust strategy to guide the economic development of the LGA into the future.

The strategy developed several guiding principles to be considered when evaluating employment land and planning proposals. It also identified areas where the local environmental plan could be reviewed to create more flexibility. The Strategy highlights five key priorities and associated actions to guide future employment opportunity. The priorities focus on retaining, highlighting and enhancing existing employment land and conveying the importance of the employment land for job creation and economic prosperity. It seeks to identify opportunities to generate a greater diversity of employment and learning opportunities that support the needs of the community.


  • Land use planning
  • Policy analysis
  • Demographic and industry trend analysis
  • Floorspace audit
  • Employment land demand and supply forecasting
  • Planning control review
  • Stakeholder and community engagement

Client: Strathfield Council
Project date: 2019 – 2020


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