Strategic Centres

Barriers to Economic Growth

HillPDA was commissioned by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) to identify the key barriers inhibiting the economic growth of 15 strategic centres in Metropolitan Sydney and whether they would benefit from government intervention.

The study had particular regard to how these centres would accommodate the investment and growth aspirations for Sydney’s future. The study provided centre specific detail on the enablers and inhibitors of economic growth, a market snapshot of current investment and action plans for possible government intervention. The purpose of the report was to inform the six sub-regional plans for Sydney and guide planning strategies and investment.

Our value add

HillPDA worked on behalf of the DPE to produce a detailed evidence-based analysis of 15 strategic centres across Sydney. This study involved extensive engagement with councils, industry and the market to gain various perspectives on the enablers, inhibitors and ‘game changers’ that could influence economic growth.


Each centre was identified to be unique in its function, current performance and required various levels of intervention. Some centres were identified as likely to benefit from, or respond to interventions more than others. Therefore, to ascertain the priority for intervention, a weighting metric was developed based on the importance of intervention, risk of intervention and capacity of the centre to change.


  • Market Analysis
  • Economic Enablers and Inhibitors Analysis
  • Stakeholder and Industry Engagement
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Centre Prioritisation and Priority Investment Action Plans

Client: NSW Department of Planning & Environment
Project date: 2015


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