Sepp Review

State Significant Precincts

The Department of Planning and Environment appointed HillPDA to assist them in their review of planning provisions for certain State Significant Precincts.

The project was part of the Department’s program to review State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP) to simplify and modernise the planning system.

The Department had prepared preliminary proposals for each of the precincts. These proposals sought to rationalise, update and then relocate relevant provisions from the existing SEPPs into a new Precincts SEPP or the relevant Local Environmental Plan.

HillPDA reviewed the preliminary planning proposals including analysing the relevant planning instruments and relevant background documents. The current controls in each Local Environment Plan (LEP) were analysed to identify any issues and potential conflicts with the SEPP.


  •  Draft LEP planning provisions for consultation with Council
  • Worked with DPE to revised the controls having regard to Council’s feedback
  • Prepared technical tables summarising proposals for all the precinct provisions
  • The tables were suitable for inclusion in the Explanation of Intended Effect.


  • Planning control review
  • Comparative analysis
  • Permissibility audit
  • Policy analysis
  • Legislation case studies

Client: Department of Planning and Environment
Project date: 2018


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