Riverside Wagga Wagga


Riverside Wagga Wagga is a major economic development initiative focused on cultural infrastructure development and  building social capital. Through a joint initiative by Wagga Wagga City Council and the NSW Land & Property Information Authority, HillPDA, together with Kiah Infranet, Aurecon, Ian Lawrence and DLA, were engaged to undertake the Riverside Wagga Wagga Masterplan.

The 96ha study area is located adjacent to Wagga Wagga and is traversed by the Murrumbidgee River. The majority of the site is flood-liable Crown land currently used for open space. The project team considered a range of land uses for the study area cultural/civic, recreational, retail, commercial, seniors living) that will meet environmental, social and commercial objectives.

This includes innovative ways of addressing both the opportunities and constraints that the existing flood levee has with the town.

HillPDA’s role was specifically related to analysing the market potential for proposed land uses, followed by an analysis of the viability of Masterplan development options.

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