Local Housing Strategy

HillPDA was engaged by Penrith City Council to review and update the Penrith Local Housing Strategy, which was adopted by Council in 2019. Following this, new information became available including updated population projections, the alignment and station locations for the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport line, and the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan, which would have significant implications for housing delivery in Penrith LGA. This required a renewed consideration of Council’s approach to planning for housing growth the ability of the Penrith LGA to accommodate significant increases in population.

Key elements of the study included:
• Reviewing existing strategies, plans and studies
• Undertaking an analysis of the existing strategic planning documentation and policy framework
• Reviewing available information and the current status of planning for on key projects
• Reviewing the 2019 population and dwelling projections by the Department of Planning Industry and Environment
• Assessing how the revised projections and city shaping projects will impact on housing supply and demand in the existing draft Local Housing Strategy.

Project outcome:

The Penrith Local Housing Strategy was reviewed and updated through consideration of the revised population projections and proposed city shaping projects, which are expected to lead to significant increases in population in the LGA. This involved revising the housing evidence and updating the housing vision, housing objectives, and framework plan. The implementation and delivery plan were also updated, which identified the Council’s role and the priority of each action.


  • Policy review
  • Demographic analysis
  • LEP and DCP control review
  • Land use appraisal
  • Housing supply and demand
  • Strategy development

Client: Penrith City Council
Project date: 2021


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