Parramatta Stadium Redevelopment

Business Impacts and Mitigation Study

Parramatta City is undergoing a period of transformation as part of a vision to create ‘Australia’s next great city’. The new stadium is part of this vision and will bring positive benefits in terms of amenity, employment and economic activity to Parramatta.

The Western Sydney Stadium project will be one of a number of projects planned or underway in the Parramatta CBD. The project has the potential to compound existing issues around congestion, access, parking and loss of amenity associated with high levels of construction activity.
There will also be a trading impact as a result of the loss of events at the stadium during the construction period.

HillPDA was engaged by Council to assess the economic and business impacts in the locality from temporary closure, construction and opening of new Parramatta Stadium.
The study suggested that the extended closure of the stadium is likely to have significant trading implications for some businesses within the Parramatta CBD with the need for short-term activation to offset the loss of community and trading incomes associated with the closure of the stadium.

However, there was also a clear message that there was a preference for strategies with a long-term focus – beyond the stadium’s construction – that provided a lasting legacy for the City.

Summary of services: Economic Impact Assessment, Urban Planning, Market Research, Community Engagement

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