Parramatta Road, Five Dock

Socio-Economic Impact Study

HillPDA was engaged by the City of Canada Bay and the NSW DP&I (as they were formerly known) to assess the performance and future prospects of the employment precinct located between Parramatta Road and Queen Road, Five Dock.

In light of the valuable contribution that effective employment lands can make to local areas as well as broader subregions, HillPDA researched and surveyed how effectively the precinct was functioning in its current form and the degree to which it was contributing to employment and services for the locality and broader subregion.

Of particular importance to the Study’s analysis was the engagement with local businesses and landowners as well as the financial feasibility modelling undertaken to better understand whether the precinct would survive or thrive in the context of emerging economic and lifestyle trends.

On the basis of its research the Study then identified and tested scenarios for change along with the subsequent socio-economic outcomes associated with them, i.e. variations in job numbers, dwelling supply, demand for retail, competition with other centres, amenity impacts and other social factors.

On the basis of these scenarios the Study reviewed the most desirable outcomes in light of broader Government policy and objectives. Recommendations were subsequently made with respect to future zones and densities for the Precinct.

The Study recommended ‘Employment Intensification’ would be the best economic and social outcome for the City of Canada Bay as well as the Inner West Subregion of Sydney. In summary the recommended scenario was found to best:

  • Maximise existing employment opportunities in Canada Bay LGA along with the West Subregion of Sydney;
  • Protect the Precinct for future employment and investment opportunities; and
  • Maximise economic and social outcomes for the local community.

Following the Study, the City of Canada Bay commissioned the next stage of analysis including traffic and design options.

Research and analysis found facilitating employment intensification in the precinct had the potential to generate a net increase of close to 2,000 jobs, protect opportunities for future investment and maximise economic and social outcomes for the local community.

Policy Analysis, Demographic and economic trends analysis, Market Appraisal, Development Feasibility Analysis, Highest and Best Use Assessment, Stakeholder Consultation, Scenario Testing, Economic and Social Impact Assessment

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