NSW Land and Housing Corporation

Feasibility Template Model

NSW Land and Housing Corporation engaged HillPDA to prepare a bespoke feasibility model that could be used for the assessment of the Communities Plus program sites and other potential redevelopment sites within LAHC portfolio. The project aim was to deliver a dynamic feasibility model so that LAHC can accurately assess a viable financial return.

Our value add

To construct the bespoke model, HillPDA used the property software EstateMaster Development Feasibility (DF) as a base (EstateMaster Software was authored and recently sold by HillPDA). This software is industry standard in Australia used by developers, financiers and property valuers alike.


HillPDA prepared the template model that enabled LAHC to assessment eight twenty stage development options with varying typology height, and densities and provided a report on the modelling assumptions, methodology and key performance indicators.

The template model has provided LAHC and other government constituents a robust, easy to use development feasibility model that accurately and quickly measures the viability of a development option. Further, for the first time LAHC solve a social and affordable dwelling mix to ensure a viable development.

The bespoke model helped LAHC identify options for the future of social housing across NSW.


  • Model development
  • Feasibility Testing
  • Financial Modellingt

Client: Land and Housing Corporation
Project date: 2017 – 2018


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