North West Rail Link Corridor

Strategy and Structure Plan

HillPDA in partnership with Cox Richardson prepared the North West Rail Link Corridor Strategy and Structure Plan for eight new stations along the proposed corridor to guide development between now and 2036.

HillPDA played a pivotal role in provided specialised economic input into the project including:

  • A robust assessment of market and economic drivers for the Subregion;
  • An appraisal of station precincts along the proposed corridor;
  • The identification of opportunities for additional housing and employment growth within the study area; and
  • An assessment of existing controls and constraints to inform the potential for additional residential and employment growth to be accommodated within the study area.

HillPDA’s research and ideas supported the preparation of a robust and realistic Strategy and Structure Plan in both economic and market terms. This input supported the preparation of a vision that could be realised by the market with many significant changes already occurring in the corridor in anticipation of the rail link’s commencement of operation in 2018.

The area around the eight new stations of the North West Rail Link is anticipated to accommodate 28,800 new homes and 49,500 new jobs by 2036.

Summary of services: Policy Analysis, Demographic and Economic Trends Analysis, Market Appraisal, Development Feasibility Analysis





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