Mudgee And Gulgong

Urban Release Strategy

The Mid-Western Regional Council sought to update its understanding of the supply and demand for residential land in two of its main centres, Mudgee and Gulgong. This was of critical importance to the Council, as external factors and revised population projections indicated higher than anticipated growth in demand for housing in the LGA and surrounds.

As such, HillPDA was engaged to prepare an Urban Release Strategy (URS) for Mudgee and Gulgong, with revised population projections, to guide decision-making around the timing, location, and type of future residential development.

Key elements of the study included:

  • Research and analysis of trends in demographics, and residential sales and rental markets
  • Residential dwelling demand projections across dwelling types, based on population and workforce projections
  • Consideration of the housing demand impact from workers required for a pipeline of nearby renewable energy projects
  • Dwelling supply projections, informed through:
    • Assessment of recent development patterns, development applications, and subdivision certificates
    • Engagement with key Council officers in relation to infrastructure and servicing limitations, timing, and feasibility
    • Detailed multi-criteria constraints analysis of existing Urban Release Areas
  • An assessment of supply and demand for general residential, large lot residential, and lifestyle block land over the 20 year study period.

Project outcome

The URS found that residential demand would exceed supply within the study period, across a range of lot typologies.

To address this, the study provided an urban development program and a suite of recommendations to the Council, supporting it to mitigate the shortfall and align housing growth with infrastructure delivery


  • Demographic analysis
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Constraints mapping
  • Development servicing & infrastructure assessment

Client: Mid-Western Regional Council
Project year: 2023


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