Mildura South

Structure Plan and Development Plan

Mildura Rural City Council engaged HillPDA together with Hansen Partnership and Aurecon, to carry out a strategic study of the Mildura South Precinct. The 2007 Mildura South Strategic Framework Plan (MSSFP) provided much of the design detail and strategic basis required for the future development of the Mildura South growth area. However the MSSFP now requires a review in line with recent alterations to development within the area, including the extension of the Mildura South Sporting Stadium.

During this time Mildura has also experienced significant population growth placing greater pressure on the housing and construction industry. However, due to the lack of a Development Plan, growth in the Mildura South precinct has been constrained.

As part of the Project Team, HillPDA’s component of work involved a review of demographic and market changes since the 2007 study. This includes an assessment for retail demand in the precinct and its implications for planned Neighbourhood Activity Centres (e.g. size, mix location, staging etc.) and implications for other existing and planned activity centres within proximity to the precinct.

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