Night Time Economy Strategy

HillPDA was engaged by Northern Beaches Council to undertake research into the night time economy (NTE) and its operation in Manly. HillPDA identified the characteristics of the NTE in Manly, any issues or conflicts, and planning controls that affect the NTE. From this research, we produced the Manly Night Time Economy Strategy, intended to guide Council’s planning for and management of the NTE in Manly.

Key elements of the study included:

  • Demographic and economic analysis
  • A detailed site visit and walk of the study area
  • Organising and attending workshops and meetings, including with Council staff, the Manly Business Chamber, Council’s Youth Advisory Group, and NTE professionals
  • Collaborating with consultants and Council staff working simultaneously on a strategic planning project in Manly
  • Considering and assessing LEP and DCP controls
  • Developing NTE case studies, both from Australian and overseas jurisdictions.

Project outcome:

In Manly, we found a diverse and active centre that had the potential to improve and cement its position as a night time destination. To assist Council in achieving this, HillPDA collaboratively developed a set of objectives and principles for the management of Manly’s NTE centred around diversity, safety, and economic benefit.

We produced a set of recommendations including potential amendments to LEP and DCP provisions to improve how noise is managed, grant programs for acoustic treatments, and amenity and public domain improvements such as wayfinding, lighting, and laneway activation. HillPDA also developed a precinct-based approach for managing the NTE, whereby parts of the study area were identified as being more or less suitable for types of activities. As part of this, we identified key opportunity areas within the precincts, for future investigation by Council.


  • Demographic and economic analysis
  • Policy review
  • Planning control analysis
  • Case study analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Stakeholder engagement

Client: Northern Beaches Council
Project date: 2022


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