Lane Cove Council

Local Housing Strategy

HillPDA was engaged by Lane Cove Council to prepare a Local Housing Strategy (LHS) for the Lane Cove local government area (LGA), to assist in setting a clear plan for housing to 2036. The LHS was informed by Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), adopted on 30 March 2020. The LSPS outlines the 20-year vision, planning priorities, and actions for land use in Lane Cove, including Council’s broad vision for housing. The LHS was also informed by the housing components of A Metropolis of Three Cities and the North District Plan.

Key elements of the study included:

  • A review of the relevant strategic and statutory planning framework by the NSW Government and Council
  • An analysis of the Lane Cove LGA characteristics that influence the opportunities and constraints for housing
  • A demographic and housing supply analysis that considers how certain factors influence demand for housing and the potential gaps in housing provision
  • A housing pipeline, trend and demand analysis that provides insights for how housing is anticipated to be delivered in the future and the potential for shortfalls in the supply of certain types of housing.

Project outcome:

The Lane Cove LHS sought to implement the housing vision established by the Lane Cove LSPS and enable the delivery of housing that meets the needs of current and future residents. It identified eight priorities for Council and recommended actions, including both planning and non-planning mechanisms. The LHS also assigned responsibility for Council, State government and other stakeholders for the planning and delivering key infrastructure and certain planning outcomes, and identified timeframes for implementation that aligned with the target periods outlined in the District Plan.


  • Demographic analysis
  • Housing supply analysis
  • Housing demand analysis
  • Planning control analysis
  • Policy review
  • Engagement

Client: Lane Cove Council
Project date: 2021


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