Housing Strategy

Hawkesbury City is an LGA covering over 2,700km² on north west fringe of Sydney, taking in established urban centres, growth areas and extensive rural areas.

HillPDA was engaged to prepare a housing strategy that would:

  • Set a clear plan for housing in the LGA for the next 10 and 20 years
  • Tie Council’s vision for housing with the State Government led strategic plans
  • Present Council’s response for housing and how the housing components of the ‘Western City District Plan’ and ‘A Metropolis of Three Cities’ would be delivered locally.

To achieve this, HillPDA undertook and extensive review of housing within the LGA, through detailed analysis of demographics, evaluating existing housing supply and predicting demand against targets set out by the Greater Sydney Commission.

This information was used to inform the development of detailed options using GIS to model potential capacity under different housing delivery scenarios; mapping varying controls and potential constraints to delivery. Incorporating engagement from stakeholders at all levels, HillPDA was able to present a consolidated set of potential planning controls and strategies to allow council to deliver on its housing targets.


The final strategy provided council with a detailed understanding of the existing housing profile within the LGA, clearly identified areas where dwelling capacity was available, incorporated an in-depth review of potential housing typologies and a range of strategies to ensure that council’s housing delivery targets could be met.


  • Land use planning
  • Policy analysis
  • Demographic and industry trend analysis
  • Dwelling capacity and constraint mapping and assessment
  • Housing typology review
  • LEP planning control drafting

Client: City of Hawkesbury
Project date: Jan 2019 to May 2020


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