Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

Land Strategy

HillPDA was commissioned to prepare a land strategy for the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust. The GMCT manages 18 active cemetery sites (approximately 380 ha of land) across three metropolitan regions (East, North and West). The GMCT also has reserves of undeveloped greenfield land.

The report provides an overarching land strategy having regard to a detailed assessment of land supply and demand conditions and projections to 2051. The strategy is designed to inform decisions in relation to future land needs into the future, focusing on quantum, location and timing of land needs to meet cemetery demand.


The project included assessment of the greater metropolitan region using a model developed for the project and creation of an interactive GIS tool to assist with site assessment.

The project included assessment of the following topics:

  • Policy and strategy
  • Location and capacity of sites
  • Activity and demand analysis
  • Alternative demand scenarios
  • Potential land supply options
  • Evaluation of options and strategy


  • Market research & appraisal
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Market demand and supply analysis
  • Land strategy

Client: Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust
Project date: 2016


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