Greater Hobart Drivers and Barriers to Residential

Infill Development

HillPDA was commissioned to undertake a two part Study that:

  • Identified the barriers and drivers to delivering additional infill development in Hobart; and
  • Provided recommendations and initiatives for enhancing drivers and overcoming barriers to infill development within Hobart.

To build a robust evidence base for the Study, HillPDA reviewed national and international literature concerning infill delivery, interviewed representatives from Tasmania’s property development industry, surveyed residents currently living within infill developments and undertook case study analysis of existing infill developments within Hobart.

The Study applied this research, along with HillPDA’s international firsthand experience with urban renewal, to identify and rank the factors influencing the supply and demand for infill development specific to Hobart.

Building on our research and consultation, Hill PDA highlighted a variety of tools, levers and mechanisms that the State and local Governments could implement to encourage both the supply of and demand for infill development within Hobart.

When asked what attracted them to inner city living 74% of respondents said convenience of being close to things like shops, work, entertainment and recreational facilities.

Summary of services: Market Appraisal, Policy Analysis, Demographic and economic trend analysis, Stakeholder Consultation


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