Gosford Regional City

Planning and Feasibility Report

HillPDA was commissioned by the Government Architect NSW as part of a broader suite of studies and research to inform the future planning and development opportunities for the Gosford Regional City. This Study was therefore commissioned to investigate, from a planning and property economics perspective, any potential barriers to development.

Our value add

The key intentions of the Report were to identify:

  • The existing demand and attraction into the Town Centre
  • The financial viability of providing residential apartments, commercial office, retail and other land uses in the Town Centre
  • The existing planning framework
  • Recommendations and strategies to improve and to support the provision of a mix of land uses in the Centre.


HillPDA conducted a high-level feasibility assessment to test the viability of both residential and commercial developments in the Study Area. The residential development to be only marginally viable in the Study Area. The bonus FSR helps reduce the cost of land by increasing the number of units permissible on the site. The commercial feasibility revealed that commercial development is viable, but it is conditional upon securing a long-term tenant. This is likely to come through the government sector and related health and education services. The expansion of the hospital will be a major stimulate for this new office space.

HillPDA also recommended ten broad Strategies that could be implemented to bring about and coordinate positive change in the Study Area.


  • Market research & appraisal
  • Policy analysis
  • Market research
  • Tipping point analysis
  • Planning control testing
  • Planning provision drafting

Client: Government Architects NSW
Project date: 2018


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