Future Proofing Voluntary Planning Agreements

There is a reasonable possibility that in the future, Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) will require a nexus of some sort. Future proofing of a VPA should consider the need to establish the nexus in narrative form if one exists. In a report on planning agreements in Toronto (Section 37: Final Report, January 2014), it was expressed that a nexus is good planning practice as there must always be a relationship between community benefit contributions and the contributing development. Future proofing requires some attempt to explain the nexus.

In his latest paper presented at the International Value Capture Masterplan run by the Cities Leadership Institute, Professor Leslie Stein, HillPDA Special Advisor in Governance and Policy, discusses the use of voluntary planning agreements – the nexus or connection between the money paid by the developer and the effects or benefits received by the community facilities, and international use of planning agreements.

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