Former Munmorah Power Station

Valuation Services

Generator Property Management Pty Ltd (GPM) engaged HillPDA to undertake the valuation of the former Munmorah Power Station site for reporting purposes in compliance with the NSW The Treasury – Valuation of Physical Non-Current Assets at Fair Value (TPP14-0100).

The subject site comprises numerous allotments to enclose approximately 700ha of land and at time of assessment the power station plant had been demolished and investigation for remedial plans were currently being undertaken.

Our value add

HillPDA undertook the valuation on the critical  assumption that the land was free of contamination as investigation of remedial works are currently being undertaken. Market research of heavy industrial and equivalent zoned lands and transitional (buffer) lands was undertaken to establish a fair and reasonable rate per square for the operational (usable) and transitional lands.

In order to undertake the task consideration to the Great Lake Munmorah Structure Plan, peppercorn ground leases, telecommunication tower leases, mine subsidence issues, Aboriginal Archaeology issues and biodiversity credits were considered.

Additional ongoing professional advice has since been provided on matters such as advice on a financial offer for a long-term lease of a telecommunication tower and potential alternative counteroffers and the value of right of way (blot on title)


HillPDA has an ongoing relationship with GPM as remediation works are underway and continues to provide our professional advice as matters become present.


  • Market research
  • Valuation

Client: Generator Property Management Pty Ltd
Project date: 2019


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