Elizabeth Street Redfern

Housing Diversity & Affordability Study

HillPDA was engaged by Land and Housing Corporation to prepare a Housing Diversity and Affordability study  in relation to a site known as 600-660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern. The study formed part of a planning package for the proposed rezoning of the site.

Our value add

HillPDA’s Study formed part of the State Significant Precinct Planning Process, which included:

  • A housing needs analysis for the precinct to identify the appropriate mix of dwelling types, tenures, sizes and price-points necessary to support a diverse, healthy and socially sustainable community
  • Demonstrate how the proposed planning controls will support the achievement of housing and tenure objectives
  • Consider how social housing in the precinct is to be replaced and identify guiding principles and / or potential options for the appropriate distribution throughout the precinct to ensure positive social outcomes
  • Identify and assess the range of mechanisms/models available to maximise affordable housing, noting the minimum target of 5% – 10% of new floorspace referenced in the draft Eastern City District Plan, or any greater target if NSW government policy changes.

More specifically HillPDA’s Study:

  • Provided an understanding of the current issues relating to housing availability, affordability and diversity in the Waterloo SSP and surrounding area
  • Identified and analysed housing need as well as key issues that need to be addressed
  • Provided a housing and diversity and affordability strategy, in a balanced way that responds to housing need for the Waterloo SSP
  • Identified and compared different approaches for locating tenures across the site, while also identifying key issues in implementing a successful socially integrated community
  • Provided initiatives and mechanisms that can be implemented in the context of local and NSW governments, and how LAHC as landowner, UrbanGrowth NSW and the CoS can implement those initiatives and mechanisms to achieve the best outcomes.


  • Policy analysis
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Market Demand and Supply Analysis
  • Housing Affordability Modelling

Client: Land & Housing Corporation
Project date: 2018


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