City of Canterbury Bankstown

Employment Land Strategy

HillPDA was commissioned by Canterbury Bankstown Council to develop an employment lands strategy based on a robust evidence base. The study looked at the role and function of centres, higher order business zones and industrial precincts across the LGA.

The strategy included recommendations and actions to assist Council exercise strong leadership in planning and facilitating future growth in employment lands in the municipality. The strategy contributed to the production of Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement.


The study outlined the adequacy of existing employment lands to accommodate future growth and change. Additional employment land supply was described in terms of employment type, timing and location. HillPDA made suggestions for place-based strategies and directions for the Local Environmental Plan. Key strategy directions included:

  • Industry trends, identifying new and changing employment anchors such as the airport and health precinct
  • Repositioning the Bankstown CBD to deliver a greater intensity of jobs, services and facilities
  • Establishing Chullora Business Park as a high-tech employment precinct; revising the planning controls to grow knowledge industries while protecting the logistics focus
  • A general strategy to urbanise employment precincts, increasing amenity and thereby diversify the jobs base
  • Industry-specific recommendations to capitalize on existing workforce such as warehousing and health services.


  • Economic analysis and profiling
  • Spatial analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Demographics
  • Strategy development
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Market trends
  • Floorspace audit
  • LEP planning control drafting

Client: City of Canterbury Bankstown
Project date: Feb 2019 to Aug 2019


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