Canada Bay King Street

Socio Economic Study

City of Canada Bay Council (Council) sought to understand the socio-economic impacts associated with changes to land use zoning on a site at 1-7 King Street, Concord West. A study was commissioned to explore future options for the site within the current policy framework and with consideration of market demand.

HillPDA was able to support the Council by building on the Concord West Socio-economic study prepared by HillPDA in 2013. The report:

  • Reviewed the policy environment relevant to the site, as communicated through Council and State frameworks
  • Reviewed the environmental, planning, stakeholder findings, social, feasibility, and economic context of the site and its interaction with the precinct, LGA, and regional outcomes
  • Considered the potential alternative land use zones and associated land uses, described as scenarios.

Project outcome:

The study outlined several scenarios and described the merit of each one, including how they responded to the local and regional employment policy framework, their market demand and feasibility, and potential environmental and social impacts.

A recommended scenario was identified, as informed by an assessment against key criteria. The study also found that social and economic outcomes may change over time, and that it would be important for the Council to consider the potential for the site in the medium and longer-term context when considering any planning proposals to rezone the site.


  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Feasibility
  • Policy review
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Market research
  • Options identification
  • Options analysis

Client: City of Canada Bay Council
Project date: 2021


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