Housing Demand Study

Brightlands Living are seeking to develop a “cluster community” agrihood development at 207 Broulee Road, Broulee. The innovative concept does not comply with Council’s planning framework, nor is the location of the proposal in an area that Council envisioned for housing.

HillPDA undertook research and analysis of the Broulee area and its housing market. HillPDA found that there was a strong need for additional housing in Broulee, particularly to cater for larger family and group households. Through undertaking the study, HillPDA presented a snapshot of current and future housing market conditions in Broulee, which provided context for the need for development.

The study sought to assist Brightlands Living in justifying the proposed develop by:

  • Preparing case studies to articulate what a “cluster community” was and how it could support housing need
  • Demonstrating how the proposal could be strategically aligned to Council’s housing policy
  • Analysing local demographic and market characteristics to demonstrate alignment with housing need
  • Undertaking market sounding to confirm need
  • Projecting changes in population and dwelling demand
  • Undertaking a dwelling pipeline analysis and land use constraints analysis to demonstrate that additional dwelling supply and land was needed to support population demand.

Project outcome

HillPDA’s housing study accompanied communications between the client and Council, exhibiting the ability for the proposed “cluster communities” housing model to address housing needs in Broulee and the surrounding area.


  • Policy review
  • Demographic analysis and forecasting
  • Market sounding
  • Dwelling demand/pipeline analysis
  • Land constraints analysis

Client: Brightlands Living
Project year: 2023


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