Broken Hill Library

Cost benefit analysis

HillPDA assisted Council in undertaking the cost benefit analysis of options for a new library, archives and tourism office as part of the business plan. The preferred option was a new integrated building in the town centre.

Costs and benefits were measured against the base case (upgrading existing premises) over a project life of 20 years.  Quantified benefits included a new and enlarged library that could accommodate additional services thereby increasing use benefit (number of visits by time stay) and an increase in borrowings (cost savings by borrowing).  Unquantified benefits included a more central location in the town centre, new archives to be fire-proof and a new iconic building which would replace the older mundane appearance of the existing library.

Our value add

While there have been previous studies on the public benefits of libraries, none had measured against the base case of maintaining existing facilities.


The marginal benefits of increased visitation, borrowings and length of stay in the new library as well as the opportunities for readaptation of the existing buildings outweighed the significant capital cost of the proposed new building.


  • Cost benefit analysis in accordance with NSW Treasury Guidelines

Client: Broken Hill City Council
Project date: December 2019


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