Bligh Street, Sydney

Economic Impact Assessment

Holdmark Pty Ltd was seeking to develop a 55-storey mixed-use development on Bligh Street in Sydney’s CBD. The Proposal would provide a range of land uses including commercial office, retail and short-term accommodation.

HillPDA was engaged to undertake an economic impact assessment of the proposal.

Project outcome

HillPDA produced a concise and highly visual report that provided the client with:

  1. A review of local planning strategies and policies and how the project aligned with, and supported, the intent and vision of these documents
  2. A concise review of the current and forecast socio-economic characteristics of the LGA. This review identified how the proposal could support these characteristics
  3. An estimation of the resulting economic activity that the proposal would support. This included direct and indirect economic activity measured by performance indicators such as employment, renumeration, gross value added, gross output and other economic benefits.


  • Policy review
  • Site and development activity context
  • Socio-demographic review and analysis
  • Economic activity supported by the proposal.

Client: Holdmark Pty Ltd
Project year:  2022


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