Altus Group acquires EstateMaster

Today, Martin Hill, Director and CEO of EstateMaster Group was pleased to announce the acquisition of EstateMaster by the Altus Group.

Martin thanks his HillPDA and Estatemaster employees in an emotional statement:

“It is with a mix of emotions that I resign as Director and CEO of EstateMaster. As founder, I have enjoyed so many great years growing the business and supporting our clients. Our achievement as an Australian tech start-up  expanding into 42 countries with a product suite that covers valuation, development feasibility, investment appraisal and hotel feasibility is something collectively we can all be so proud of – thank you to all for your loyal and trusted support.

EstateMaster has been approached by many suitors over the years however it wasn’t until the opportunity arose with Altus Group did I feel the fit was right. Altus provide an excellent opportunity for EstateMaster to expand even further and faster into new markets of USA and Europe and their intentions for the EstateMaster products and staff retention convinced me that it was the right move. I hope it provides further career opportunity and personal expansion for the team.”

Martin Hill with HillPDA began developing EstateMaster Software in 1991. HillPDA will continue to work closely with EstateMaster in the future and Martin looks forward to devoting more time to HillPDA with new opportunities arising for expansion.