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Social and Economic Impact Assessment

Team2 Architects commissioned HillPDA to undertake a social and economic impact assessment (SEIA) to accompany a State Significant Development Application (SSDA) for a proposed private hospital in Liverpool.

HillPDA carried out a social and economic impact assessment in five phases, involving reviewing the proposal and its context, investigating the surrounding area, identifying potential impacts and community concerns, assessing social and economic impacts, and suggesting management and mitigation strategies. Having carried out these tasks, HillPDA presented a comprehensive study on the social and economic ramifications likely to result from the proposal.

The SEIA produced by HillPDA found that the proposal may generate a range of both positive and negative social impacts. In particular, while expected demolition and construction processes were anticipated to result in losses of amenities, livelihoods, and way of life, significant positive benefits were identified to result from the proposal’s contribution to the supply of health care facilities, passive open space, and the local economy.

Key elements of the study included:

  • Review of policy context
  • Local demographic and economic analysis
  • Prediction of social and economic impacts
  • Assessing impacts and developing mitigation/enhancement strategies.

Project outcome:

As a result of the SEIA, HillPDA was able to provide information accompanying the SSDA – projecting, assessing, and planning for its likely social and economic impacts.


  • Demographic and economic analysis
  • Policy review
  • Impact assessment

Client: Team2 Architects
Project date: 2020


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